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Ensemble Soleil

    I was amazed when I saw these instruments and the heads that could be carved. I was also amazed when the man said he made the instruments.

    I learned that Peter made the big viol, the medium one, and one other one he made.


    I learned that those instruments were made back in George Washington's time. Families would play them.

    They didn't have lights, cards or games back then so they would play instruments.

    Ensemble Soleil

    I learned that back then for entertainment they danced to the viola da gambas.

    I liked Ensemble Soleil because it was very interesting. They played viola da gambas, beautiful 17th century instruments. They played Italian and Spanish music. Michele got to play one because she guessed the right number of times they said "mine".

    I think the best song was "The Hermit." It sounded like a fantasy, except better.


Ensemble Soleil


    It was cool. I think Ensemble Soleil are very talented with their [bow] angle. They never miss a curve or string. They make sure their audience knows what they're doing.


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